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Wim Bosma at Langhill Farm
Willie Davidson at Poldean Farm

Our business is our customers. Our priority is to add value to your business by using the skills and expertise we have developed over the years. Our goal is to work with you and our key suppliers to ensure that our products always deliver performance and value for money.

"Davidsons calls are recorded for quality and training purposes"

Customer Testimonials

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Customer Service & Delivery

Rapid Start 'Lambs thriving, never had as many away so soon. Majority gaining 500grams per day. Last batch killed out at 21.3kg. Absolutely tremendous feed conversion rates.'

Ali Gordon, Northfield Farm, St Abbs, Eyemouth


Rapid Start 'Twin Lambs born 1st March weighing 43kg at 12 weeks of age using Rapid Start for the first time, achieving 0.5kg lwg/day "Never seen lambs do so well since switching to Davidsons Rapid Start'

Alan Smellie, Kailzie Mains

'I have been offered similar spec cake to Davidson's for a slightly cheaper price but I will be sticking with Davidson's as their delivery service is second to none.'

Customer from Cumbria


"The Davidson's delivery service is second to none. No-one can touch the service you provide."

Customer from East Lothian


"The delivery service is 1st class, the cake is doing a great job and the customer care service is spot on."

Customer from Cumbria


The "delivery service is great. The last couple of times the driver has arrived when there has been nobody about and they have unloaded the feed where it was meant to go with no concerns. I think that is wonderful and really helpful."

Customer from Perthshire


"I got my 1st delivery this morning and the service was 1st class. I would definitely recommend Davidsons."

Customer from Dumfriesshire


"The drivers are always pleasant and happy. They deserve a wage rise. It's always a pleasure doing business with Davidsons."

Customer from Fife


"I will be retiring next month but I can't fault Davidsons service. The sales reps, drivers and quality of feed are second to none."

Customer from Argyll


"I'm very happy with Davidsons service. Delivery, quality of feed and customer service are all excellent and I will be happy working with Davidsons in the future."

Customer from Cumbria


"Davidsons run a marvellous business, keep up the good work, you are the best at what you do."

Customer from Aberdeenshire


"I have been working with Davidsons over the last few years and they give me top quality products with excellent consistency. Delivery service is excellent. I can call up in the morning for next day delivery if I need it and it is not a problem. I use Davidsons Elite range and although I have had many companies offering me cheaper products, I believe you only get what you pay for and when I pay for quality, Davidson's never let me down."

Customer from Dumfriesshire


"The customer service & delivery service was 1st class all the way through the winter season."

Customer from Tyne & Wear


Mr Thomson has been a customer for many years because he is guaranteed quality feeding. He says "The staff are second to none; Sharlene is a pleasure to work with. My deliveries are always on time and the drivers are very friendly." He feeds Five Star Blend 16%, Monarch Beef Nuts, Classic Ewe Nuts, Pearl Lamb Pellets and Pedigree Sheep Course Mixture.

Mr David Thomson of The Bents Farm, Bathgate


"Davidsons are a company willing to work with the farmer and they provide a service second to none" Mr McDowall feeds a Bespoke Complete Meal.

Mr Fergus McDowall of Rerrick Park Dundrennan


"We have been customers of Davidsons for 15 years or more. We have always been happy with their feeds, the quality of service and the advice they have given."

Mr J McColm of Garthland Mains, Stranraer


Mr Cochrane has worked with Davidsons for more than 10 years and is delighted with the quality, service and delivery.

Mr Cochrane of Stranraer


“We find Davidsons a good reliable company to deal with. The quality of feed and the level of service is hard to beat.”

Borders Machinery Ring

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Dairy Products

We had been farming in the USA for the last two years and had not been able to source a calf rough mix product with extra molasses over there.  We arrived in the UK early February and tried with no luck finding a similar product until Michael Carruthers from Davidsons Feeds called in and let us
try his calf roughmix. 

The calves took to it straight away and it smelt and looked so good that it looked good enough to eat myself.  It has the roughage and sweet smell to it to attract the calves to eat it.

It is a far superior product than the standard dry pellet mix that I previously could find here in Scotland.  This has been to our advantage as we are able to get the calves consuming larger quantities of feed therefore getting our calves to target weight quicker.  The calves have thrived on this and all calves were introduced to this feed from 1 day old, even the smallest and youngest calves would stand there nibbling on it.

Currently my oldest group are consuming 3kg per calf per day as I wean them off milk.  We are rearing 280 Heifer replacements and had also fed this product to all our bull calves prior to selling them.  We are now feeding the lower protein deluxe blend to our older calves leading into weaning. 

I would highly recommend Davidsons Feeds products and would like to acknowledge the outstanding service and follow up that we have received from Michael Carruthers.  

  Nicola Langridge, Calf Rearing Manager, Glenapp Estate, Ballantrae


"Davidsons have supplied our Parlour cake for over 10 years and have always provided us with a first class service"

Duncan Wallace, Balmangan Farms


"I'm using Winter Parlour 18% and I'm absolutely delighted with the results."

Customer from Dumfriesshire


"I'm feeding Calf Cudlets Total XP to my dairy calves. I've compared it to other companies and there isn't much that isn't in it."

Customer from Lanarkshire


"I've been using Summer Parlour and the cows are doing great so far. Also the delivery service and the driver Rossco was spot on."

Customer from Ayrshire


"I'm on my 2nd load of Super Total and I'm delighted with the results. The cows are milking great."

Customer from Wigtownshire

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Beef Products

After using several other protein pellets over the years I have now decided that the Davidson Soypro 34 pellet gives the best results for finishing black and white bulls on an intensive ad-lib barley system.

The pellets stay hard unlike some others and don`t shatter when blown into feed hoppers.

I would also like to add to this... the friendly sales team and delivery drivers, who offer a service second to none.

Customer Richard Davison
East House Farm


"I'm using the Deluxe Blend 17% and I've been getting on really well with it and I'm now feeding it to all my stock. It's very palatable and a good roughmix." 

Customer from Roxburghshire

"I was looking to grow the frames of my 13 month old heifers, looking to gain 100kg in 100 days. I went for the Beef Bloom and it did exactly what they said it would do. I am very impressed with it. The heifers coats are looking really well and they're growing frame." 

Customer from North Ayrshire


"I have been using Deluxe Blend since 2009 for sucklers and finishers and it does a great job." 

Customer from Cumbria


"The Pedigree Bull Mix is expensive but is a very good feed and I'm getting on really well with it." 

Customer from North Argyll


"This season I have been rearing and finishing bulls on Beef Bloom and it has done a great job. I'm delighted with the results and I will continue taking my bulls from start to finish on Beef Bloom." 

Customer from North Ayrshire


"I'm now on my fourth load of Five Star Blend 14 and it's doing a super job." 

Customer from Aberdeenshire

Buchaam Cattle

"Quality,Price(Deluxe Blend) and service from Davidsons are second to none"


Keith Ogg, Buchaam, Strathdon


"I am getting on really well with the Natural Blend 18%. It is nice and palatable and the cattle are fairly coming on with it whilst feeding at grass." 

Customer from Angus


"I have been using Calf Cudlets Total XP and getting really good results. The young stock are looking great." 

Customer from Fife


"I've been using the Five Star 14% Blend and I've been getting great results. I'm getting the cattle away 1 month earlier than usual and at a great price. I will be using this all winter." 

Customer from Aberdeenshire


"Since changing to Beef Bloom the calves have done the best they ever have, they are all in great health and I've less vet bills over the full season. I would definitely recommend to other farmers to use." 

Customer from Aberdeenshire 


Mr Cowie started using Davidsons feeds around 3 years ago. Since then his cattle have done extremely well, being fed on Davidsons Blossom Nuts. Mr Cowie says "Delivery service is perfect, you call for an order in a hurry and get it next day." All his neighbours ask him who supplies his feed. Mr Cowie said, his "ewes are in great condition; they are bigger and healthier since using Davidsons feed." 

Mr Alex Cowie of Bilbo Farm, Crimond, Fraserburgh

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Sheep ProductS


"My animals are looking great, the Harvest blend gives them a good wee extra boost for getting them away off grass, especially with the summer we have had; the blend is great for handling"

Mr Mccoll from Largs in Ayrshire.


I have approx 900 acres. Mainly hill with Scotch Blackface. 233 BF Ewes. 100 Hoggs. NO FEEDING of any kind!!
60 Meatlinc Ewes Davidsons Ewelac 18 Feed
19 Meatlinc Rams. Davidsons Ewelac 18 Feed
15 Zwartble Ewes. Davidsons Ewelac 18 Feed
3 Zwartble Rams. Davidsons Ewelac 18 Feed
23 Suckler cows Davidsons 5 star blend
1 Aberdeen Angus Bull Davidsons 5 star Blend.
Other than that the sheep get Crystalyx High energy blocks.
The cows get Macmin High Phos  and High Mag. Buckets.

Our Davidsons rep. Matthew Packham is very attentive to all our needs with regular visits during the feeding season.  Davisdons Feeds always deliver your required amount of feed no matter how big or small the orders is. Delivery of anything over 4 tonnes of bulk feed will be delivered very quickly. Usally next day or the following day no matter what the conditions are like. I take my hat off to your drivers for some of the conditions they will turn up in.

Richard H Scott
Cacrabank Farm
Ettrick Valley
Scottish Borders.


"The Caledonian Lamb Pellets are a good price and do a great job."

Customer from Dumfriesshire


"I took another load of Sheep Roughmix on Monday morning and once again the service proved to be 1st class. All the drivers are so helpful and nothing is a problem for them. Also my sheep are looking really well. They like the feed and there is absolutely no waste. They eat every single bit of it."

Customer from Ayrshire


"I've been feeding Blossom Nuts all winter and spring. The lambs are looking smashing and I've been getting them away in the store market averaging between £90 & £100 per lamb." (June 2011)

Customer from Berwickshire


"I've been using Advance Nuts to feed fat cattle and fat lambs and I'm delighted with the results. It's the earliest I've ever had the lambs away and they were finished really quickly."

Customer from Bannfshire


"I'm using the Advance Nuts and the lambs are fattening really quickly. I have booked another 50t for the Winter."

Customer from Bannfshire

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Bespoke Blends

"I'm using a bespoke blend that was specially made to my requirements and couldn't be happier with the results. The ewes are lovely and milky and it's the best quality of blend that I have used. I will definitely be using Davidsons for the forthcoming season."

Customer from Invernessshire

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