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Davidsons Animal Feeds work closely with suppliers and nutritionists to develop innovative animal feed products that help you get the best from your livestock.


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UProf Rationing Model

UProf makes it easy for you to maximize your herd performance, fertility and health by creating the perfect concentrate to match your forage. It does this by choosing the ultimate mix of raw materials, using the UProf model with 24 raw materials to meet over 30 nutrient requirements for your dairy cows.

Meals give an excellent mix with forage, which reduces sorting of the ration and improves forage intake. By feeding meal you can improve milk yield and milk quality. Trial results show milk yield increase of 2 litres per cow per day and butterfat improvements of 0.2% 

Our team can use the UProf model to formulate the perfect complete diet meal for your herd. Our state of the art Mill accurately weighs the ingredients, which are then mixed and ground to give a uniform particle size. As with all Davidsons products, they’re made to full UFAS standards.

It can be fed in various ways; through a mixer wagon, fed mixed with silage in a bunker or as a third feed along the top in silage.

UProf is a rationing model developed by Davidsons Animal Feeds in conjunction with Premier Nutrition.

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Total Replacement

Total Replacement is a unique and scientifically proven concept shown to support the health performance of animals whilst reducing mineral pollution. Many farmers have found that switching from bagged minerals to Davidsons Total Replacement costs less. Reduced cell counts and improved health, performance and fertility gives an average return on investment of 7:1.

What is Total Replacement?

Total Replacement is a new way of feeding minerals, providing them in a way that the animal has evolved to make use of them, so they can utilise them more effectively. This reduces waste, reduces the amount they need to be fed and improves performance, health & fertility.

Davidsons, in conjunction with Alltech, are the first feed manufacturer in Scotland to offer this solution across dairy, beef and sheep feeds.

As we’ve seen genetic improvement in livestock, improving growth rates, feed conversions etc. we’ve had to review the types and forms of nutrients we feed. While the way we feed other nutrients, such as protein, amino acids and energy, has evolved, we continue to feed trace minerals in the same way we did decades ago.

Extensive trials worldwide have shown that dairy cows do not have a requirement for inorganic minerals. For as long as we have fed minerals to animals the source of trace minerals, like copper and zinc, has been in the chemical inorganic form such as oxides and sulphates. The latest mineral technology from Alltech provides these trace minerals through organic minerals, Sel-Plex and Bioplex, which exactly mimic the form of minerals found in nature.

Using Total Replacement reduces waste and helps your cows meet their genetic potential. It is the culmination of significant research and development, which has already proved itself effective on farms.

What are the benefits of Total Replacement?

More than 80 trials have taken place with Bioplex and Sel-Plex looking at performance, fertility, udder health and immunity in cattle. Below are some of the key benefits. Click on the benefit to see more about it.

What about Food Safety?

Alltech are currently the only mineral supplier testing every single batch of raw materials in and finished product out, for PCBs, Dioxins and heavy metals. This goes beyond the legal requirement of pool batches for testing.

Alltech spend $2 million annually on their testing programme and reject nearly a third of all raw material, so you can be confident that it is a strong link in your food safety chain.

How can I start using Total Replacement?

Total Replacement is available across the entire Davidsons dairy range, as well as in selected beef and sheep diets. The minerals are included in the compound so there’s no need to feed supplementary-bagged minerals.

Contact the Davidsons team now for an evaluation of your needs and a personal assessment of the benefits to your herd. 

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ED&F MAN Liquid Products are the leading supplier of molasses liquid products to the animal feed industry, including specialist liquid based products for use in production of animal feeds.

Davidsons and ED&F have a long term trading relationship, and this had led to the development of a unique range of products for farms across Scotland and the North of England. We've worked together to offer cost effective sugars, energy and protein in a liquid form, so we can provide products to meet our customers needs in a majority of farm situations.

Find out more about our partnership and how it can benefit your livestock in our March 2012 Market Update.

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Provimi Milk Replacers

Provimi is one of the leaders in the international animal feed industry. We deliver innovative, practical and result oriented animal feeds and feeding programmes to modern producers. As a developer and producer of premixes, concentrates and specialities, like milkreplacers, piglet feeds and special additives Provimi satisfies the specific needs and requirements.