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Quality & Nutrition

“Davidsons Animal Feeds offer innovative nutritional solutions for the ruminant sector.

From the pioneering Langhill Research Initiative which looked at nutritional solutions to improve dairy cow fertility, to being the first Scottish feed company to use total replacement minerals, Davidsons Animal Feeds are truly innovators in the ruminant sector."

Dr. Donald Lawson
Ruminant Nutritionist, Premier Nutrition

"Long term partnerships with selected suppliers ensures the consistent supplies of quality assured raw materials from home and abroad. Having this network in place allows us to  supply customers with products that always match or exceed their expectations. Using these long-standing relationships we can benefit from expert market knowledge and pass on the good value derived from this to our customers.”

William Davidson
Operations Director

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Raw Materials

All our raw materials are purchased from approved suppliers who are members of FEMAS, GMP+ or an equivalent approved scheme, this ensures the integrity and traceability of the Raw Materials supplied to Davidson’s Mill.

Cereals are purchased through merchants, as well as direct from our farmer customers. All cereal purchased is from members of the various farm assured scheme's such as Scottish Quality Cereals (SQC). All cereal loads must be accompanied by a harvest declaration passport, which is reviewed to ensure it is completed correctly before the load is accepted.

On arrival at the Mill all raw material loads are checked against a Daily Intake Schedule to ensure they are due to be delivered that day. Each load is sampled before tipping commences, and all samples are analysed on site by using a Foss NIR (Near Infra Red Spectroscopy) machine. Each sample has a unique load number that allows full traceability in terms of supplier and store (as well as ship if relevant) through to the finished product.

The NIR Machine is calibrated on a daily basis and diagnostics are run weekly. Ring testing is carried out monthly using an external UKAS accredited laboratory and all results are recorded. 

Finished Products

All the companies Finished Products are subjected to a number of tests to check both there physical and nutritional quality. 

To ensure full traceability, each finished product generates a unique batch number. Finished product samples are taken from each production run and, where relevant, are subjected to a Holmen Test (Pellet Durability) or a Khal Test (Pellet Hardness). The sample is then passed to our laboratory where it's nutritional quality is checked. All results are recorded within a database. Finished product samples are stored for 3 months.

We continuously develop our Quality Control Procedures to ensure our products consistently meet our stringent nutritional and physical specification.