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Raw Materials

The table below lists (in alphabetical order) the raw materials we use to make our products, alongside the benefits each raw material provides. Find out more about the quality control of our raw materials on our Quality & Nutrition page

B | C | D | M | O | P | R | S | U | W

  ME Protein Benefits
Barley 13.2 10% High in energy in the form of starch making it highly fermentable encouraging milk protein and fast growth. Ideal to compliment forages.
Barley Dark Grains  12.7 26% High digestible fibre, high in undegraded protein and low in starch. Palatable.
Beet Pulp  12.5 11% High in rumen fermentable energy (FME). Contains highly digestible fibre. Maintains rumen condition and encourages acetate production. Good sugar levels and very palatable.
Biscuit Meal  14.25 9% High in energy, sugar and processed starches
Citrus Pulp 12.2 6.5% Good digestible fibre level, pleasant aroma which encourages intake and palatable.
Draff 11.7 24% Very palatable succulent grains. Attractive to all stock.
Maize 14 9% High starch and energy levels. Excellent source of digestible "slow release" starch. Highly digestible and palatable.
Maize Dark Grains  15 28% An extremely high energy mid protein feed. Rich in digestible fibre and providing a good source of bypass protein.
Maize Gluten  13 22% Good starch content. Balanced energy and protein. Good availability all year round and can be fed to all classes of livestock. 
Malt 11.6 21% Good source of digestible fibre and helps to minimize the risk of acidosis.
Megalac 33 0% Extremely high content of rumen protected highly digestible energy. Increases milk yield, increases energy intakes and improves body condition.
Oat Feed  6 5% High level of neutral detergent fibre (NDF) and palatable.
Oats 12.1 12.5% Good starch and energy levels. Good palatability.
Palm Kernels  12.8 18% Good source of protein and energy with high level of digestible fibre. High inclusion rates can help to boost butterfat levels.
Prairie Meal   17.3 65% High in energy and undegradable protein. Decent starch source and palatable up to 20% inclusion rate in a ration.
Rapeseed 12.1 38.5% High protein and good energy.
Soya Hipro  14 54% Excellent source of high quality protein and rumen bypass protein. Increases live weight gain and increases milk protein percentage and yield.
Soya Hulls  11.8 12.4% Rich source of digestible fibre. Allows energy intakes to be increased without increasing the risk of acidosis.
Sunflower 9.5 36% Good protein source and high in fibre. Helps reduce acidosis by its fibre content. Palatable.
US Corn Distillers 14 28% High energy and protein. Compliments high starch cereals and other low protein products. Available all year round and can be used for a wide range of stock.
Wheat 13.8 13% Very high in energy and high in starch. Useful for increasing milk protein and for the promotion of growth. Palatable.
Wheat Dark Grains  13.7 34% A very palatable, high energy and high protein feed. Rich in digestible fibre, low in starch and providing a good source of bypass protein. 
Wheat Feed  11.5 17.5% Highly digestible, good source of phosphorous and good palatability.